Thursday, 26 November 2009

I found a slot for Fremen

Right inbetween Effetre Sky Blue 224 and Effetre Opaque Light Turquoise 234!

The long bead uses CIM Sapphire on end and CIM Leaky Pen on the other ... just because ... (incidentally, the LP pitted on this bead).

The lentil on the left is made with Sky Blue and Effetre Copper Green, the one on the right is Fremen and CG - the Fremen is a little darker.

Fremen is such a pretty bright blue, I'm really pleased with how it turned out in this twistie made with raku, layered over Peace and silver foil.

Fantastic contrast between Fremen and the centre band of Stoneground - gotta do this again!


  1. great work Julie I so admire your non random approach !

  2. Oh my, I have never been called non-random before ;0)