Wednesday, 2 December 2009

I heart Sangre

Of all the reds in the glassy world, CIM Sangre is my absolute favourite - its passionate, bright, vibrant, glowing ...

And it "strikes", which means the colour develops the more the glass is
worked in the flame, so you can get wonderful variation from transparent yellow to deep rich red, like in these wings.

Ooooh, glass with feeling!

My Messy Testing question was "We designed Sangre and Oz to be the perfect Christmas red and green. Did we succeed?"

I'd say .... "Yes!" Festive enough for fairy lights!


  1. I just love red and this red is fantastic!! yummy!

  2. Hi Hun.....LOVE the Xmassy colours. I have just added myself as a follower to your blog. I have been STRUGGLING to create a blog...and finally just about succeeded! If you'd like to follow me I'd be really grateful xx