Wednesday, 2 December 2009

A point about Peacock

I've never really used Peacock Green as I heard it needs a different annealing temp - but I've now checked it with my filters and it appears to have annealed just fine at my usual temp of 520 degrees C.

I noticed its a spreader. The pic on the left shows white dots on a Peacock base, the white dots have been swallowed up by the Peacock and have a little dot in the middle -
see how the white dots on the Kryptonite bead on the right are unaffected.

So then I tried it the other way round - a white base. The bead on the left has Peacock dots over white, the Peacock has spread out and honeycombed across the base. The Slytherin dots on the right hand bead are more 'self-contained'!

Interesting ..... I tried a little experiment, using Peacock in one of those reactive spreading patchwork style beads (a la Emma Baird and Sarah Hornik Think Pink)

CIM Peace base, Peacock dots, then CIM Cranberry and CIM Lapis - not the best bead or photo but it could be good to play with this a bit more.

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