Thursday, 26 November 2009

Slytherin ... so much nicer than it sounds!

Question: "We designed Slytherin to be dense enough to make twisties or leaf/vine cane. Were we successful?"

Did somebody mention twisties? Didn't I see Jolene trying out twisties with Slytherin? That's it, I can't resist, gotta have a go!

I used a base of CIM Peace, wrapped in silver foil then added my Slytherin twistie (made with raku and a little stoneground), chucked in a few dots here and there of more Slytherin, Stoneground, Raku and some Effetre Violet.

I added a stripe of Slytherin around this bead, I think I'll call it Soft n Swampy Slytherin - must remember to use less next time!

Answer: Yes :0)

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