Saturday, 21 November 2009

Better get started then!

As a new member of the Creation is Messy testing team, it really is time I got on with some proper feedback so I'm taking time out this weekend to work through the Feedback Form ... I keep getting a bit distracted though, its wonderful to have so many gorgeous colours to play with and see what happens when I mix this with that!

Here's a couple of pics previously submitted to Kathy Seamands.


I love this brand new colour from CIM: Mermaid, gorgeous rich blue-y sea green with some nice streaking, etches beautifully and also has that great dark-outline-reaction with Effetre ivory.

This is Mermaid mixed with some Effetre transparent green and DH Aurae, lovely!


Another new colour, a soft grey/brown opal.

Mink is a great colour, but as its an opal it doesn't etch too well - I had to give it much longer than usual, and wasn't too pleased with the outcome, I think its best left shiny!

Excuse the etching fluid residue on the photo.

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