Monday, 12 November 2012

New Hoops!

"New Hoops" ... I can't help but think of Julie Walters when I say that, tottering along in a waitress uniform! (two soups ... get it?)

So like I said, I've got some new Lush Hoops.  There's 7 new colours in the medium and large size: a couple of lovely festive reddish shades, Red Red Wine and Vimto; some useful neutrals - Lentil, which is kinda yellow, kinda green, and Sticky Toffee, a creamy caramel colour; Basil is a gorgeous soft green with a hint of blue, I think I'll be using that one a lot; Jade is actually an old colour that disappeared and I'm very pleased to see its return, in all 3 sizes, yay; Bye Bye Baby is a soft baby blue, not quite as pale as Bubble Bath; and finally Milk Chocolate in the Large size.

Click here to see Lush Loops and Hoops on my website.

I've restocked all the Collections and Mixes, and these options include the new colours.  And for a limited time I've also listed packs of just the new colours if  you want to top up your collection without trawling through all the listings.

Lush Loops and Hoops got a mention in the December issue of Beads and Beyond which has just come out, resulting in a flurry of orders and serious depletion of Loops connector stocks!  Not to worry, lots more will be here in a couple of days.

Speaking of Lush Loops, I recently added a new shade of light pink, perfect for girly girls!

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