Tuesday, 13 November 2012


Hoop-la-la bracelets using the tutorial on Lesley Watt's blog, The Gossiping Goddess.

Cotton cord, large seed beads and Lush Hoops from my website.

Odd lampwork buttons from down the back of my sofa (metaphorically speaking!).

I got rather carried away with this one, its a double wrap bracelet to celebrate the mad wonky button.

My friend Lesley Jane Dixon makes gorgeous bracelets from the same tutorial - hope you can see her pics in her Facebook album.


  1. These are just fantastic !
    And thank you for mentioning me in your post :D

  2. But of course Les, your bracelets are stunning - and it was actually seeing them at your house that made me want to have a go and got me thinking about using Hoops instead of jump rings. I love how we've come up with something so different from the same method. xx

  3. They are fab!
    I adore the double one.