Thursday, 31 March 2011

Something Borrowed

My beautiful sister got married recently, and asked for my help with her wedding jewellery.

I knew straight away what would suit her perfectly ... in 2009 my friend George Harper East and I collaborated on a bridal necklace and bracelet for Making Jewellery magazine (published in the August issue).  I think this was probably the first time we combined George's silver and my glass to make something fabulous, but certainly not the last!

Just got to throw in my favourite wedding photo here, cos its my blog so I can ;0)

She's gonna kill me for this one!

PS if you'd like to come and play with George and me and learn how to make beautiful jewellery and fab beads, we are teaching our joint "by george, its Lush!" class again at Studio 19 in June.

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  1. She looks gorgeous and they look so well suited. I remember seeing that fabulous necklace at FO 2009!