Sunday, 13 March 2011

A couple of Bright Ideas!

There's nothing like a show and a shower to get my mind whirring and the Bright Ideas flowing!

Bright Idea No. 1
I'm always on the lookout for display props - individual focal beads tend to be the trickiest beads to show off.  After scouring POS websites and the Ikea market place, time was running out to prepare for my recent Show and I was still uninspired.   However, as so often seems to happen, I had a lightbulb moment in the shower!  

These little stands are just so easy to make - simply melt a large gather of glass onto the very tip of an uncoated mandrel, flatten on a heatproof surface, anneal and trim the mandrel short.  Then make another on the same mandrel, then another, and another ...

They make great photo props too!

Bright Idea No. 2

You can imagine it took a long time to prepare these stands - every card had to be punched, every button had to attached, using matching coloured thread, punched fixings stuck on, prices written ... so I had lots of time to think.

There must be a simple way to wear a button without actually sewing it on ...?

Got it!  Tie on a brooch back and pin it on!  An instant Art Glass Button Brooch, ta da!

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  1. Great ideas Julie!! Love the little glass stands they look fab in photos! Still practising with my button mandrel!! 80))