Sunday, 20 March 2011

The Lusherie is Officially Open!

I've got a new studio!  A proper grown-up, three torch Artist's Studio! I can't stop smiling, I wake up every day and run out to visit it, I really can't believe my luck, its such a wonderful place to work.  

Before I show a pic of all its glory though, you must see how the space looked just a few short weeks ago.

I took these photos on 5th January - the task to empty the garage seemed quite overwhelming at the time, but a couple of hard days of ruthlessness and a totally overflowing skip and trailer load later, the space was clear and ready for the real work to begin.

Let's not forget to say goodbye to the Torch Porch - where I made beads and taught students for about three and a half years. 

And here it is ... The Lusherie (as named by my lovely friend Alison).  Conveniently right on the kitchen doorstep! 

This is my work area - my torch is a Bethlehem Minnow with 2 oxygen concentrators; my kiln is a Kilncare Maxi with Maxine doors (I always like to be different!).  

And this is the student bench - there's a GTT Cricket and a Bobcat, and I also have a Nortel Minor stashed away in the cupboard, because there's definitely room to squeeze in another torch or two ;0)  The little kiln is a Kilncare Beadcube. The extraction system is a triumph! Thanks to my dad who designed the ingeniously discreet system, which is powered by a Progrow fan mounted under each work bench - turn em both on at the same time and I dare you to try and open the door - sucky, suck, suck!

Its been a busy week for the Lusherie - with students to teach, a lovely opening party with lots of Frit Happens friends, and my first "Torch Time" client is happily filling up the Beadcube, whilst I'm writing this blog.

In oscar speech stylee, I need to thank a few people: 

My wonderful friends George and Steve, for listening, advising and even donating furniture; more wonderful friends Manda and David for inspiring, advising and sharing (Manda, did you notice I even bought the same bin as you, it really is the mini-MangoBeads studio!); Dad xx; my builder Stuart (come back, you need to finish the roof) and Ed & Justin the sparkies; 

and all my lovely Frit Happens friends who came to the Opening and made commemorative champagne bottle beads: Kaz, Manda, George, Steve, Alison, Malc, Georgie, Sarah, Sam, Helen, Sue, Madeline, Janine, Sarah, Kathy, Vicky, Violet, Karen (and hubby) xxxxxxxxxxx

PS - if you fancy a lesson, just drop me a line! julie(at)


  1. Beautiful! Not at all envious (she lies).... ahem.

  2. What a nice place to teach! (and to make beads!)

  3. wow!!! rip torch porch , i guess now its just porch!! new studio looks grrrrrrrrrreat xxx

  4. Thanks for all the lovely comments - please do call in and see me if ever you are passing!!