Friday, 8 July 2011

New Sunbaked Beads and Sunspots!

sun·baked  (snbkt)
Baked, dried, or hardened by exposure to sunlight
Brightly coloured glass beads, wrapped with wire and etched
A well known speciality of Lush Lampwork

My Sunbaked beads have had a little rest, but now they're back and they're all grown up!  The same great colour combinations *; same smooth, etched, velvet finish; same laid-back 3.5mm holes; same silver wire-wrapped design; but they're chunkier, rounder, more ... Lush! 

AND more uniform too, so when you come back for more beads, you can be sure they'll match.

Take a look at my Flickr album to see the full range.

*oh, and a very nice new combo too (Sunbaked Harmony - lovely soft greens and cream, always a popular combination in my other bead styles, bound to be a big hit in the Sunbaked stylee)

Sunspots have had a makeover too: they look bouncier, fresher and just more ... Lush ... yep, that's the word!

And ... Summer Lovin' beads with a bigger hole too!  I spoil you, I really do!

One more thing, I've got new, simple, economical and very effective tube necklaces and bracelets in every colour you could possibly want: just pull open, slide on your beads and wear!  

WATCH THIS SPACE .. Pandora size beads will be getting a makeover very soon ...

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