Saturday, 9 July 2011

Blog of the Month!!!

Wow, how cool is that ... Beads and Beyond Blog of the Month!

Thank you so much to Joanne and Michelle and HELLO *waves* to Beads and Beyond readers!

I promise to be a good blogger (at least throughout July and August!).

And another WOW to Rebecca Anderson for her beautiful six page spread .. yep, six pages .. 6! .. using my Summer Lovin' beads.  Which, incidentally, are available to order from my website, with a free button until the end of August.

Talking of my website, I've had a little tidy up of the front page and created a new News page.  So now, every time I add new beads or have something really exciting to share, I'll tell you about it on the News page instead of scattering it all over the place!

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