Sunday, 11 July 2010

Hearts of Brass make Hearts of Glass

I love hearts, I love presses ... I have lots of heart presses!

I've got presses from Holland, Spain, Germany, America and Canada here, and I've made hearts with all of them to show you how they compare - unfortunately though they're not all currently available for sale, I have added links for the ones that are.

Here are the hearts in their presses (apart from A, Kaz is currently making great use of this press!) 

And a closer look at the heart beads on their own.

All of a-e are from and, apart from the Love Triangle, are in the 'puffy' style.  There is also a 32mm version available, similar to 'a', but not 'long'.  

The Beadpress Folk Art trio has changed slightly from the photo - the smallest heart is smaller so should be perfect for dainty earring beads.  
You can see it here alongside the similar Cattwalk duo.

I only have one press, C, from Bavarian Beads but they do have more hearts, including a new longer shape that I'd really like to try. D, the hearts and grooves press from GoodGlassCo is sadly not often available - these hearts are always popular on my website (make more, Magdalena!).  Personally I find the Zooziis Sweetheart too flat, although its a nice size.  F is no longer available, but I think that the Beadpress hearts fill the gap very nicely, particularly the Puffy Trio 'd'.

So, time for my personal favourites ... it is my blog, after all ;0) 

I can't pick an outright winner, but in joint first place are the Beadpress Love Triangle - its not too wide, not too puffy, not too flat, not too small, perfect for simple spotties ... 
... and the Bavarian Beads M Real 3D.

It is quite a wide shape, perfect for more elaborate decoration (all my seaside hearts are based on this shape), and easy to elongate by adding a little glass round the bottom, or across the shoulders.

Here they are side by side

I also couldn't live without my GoodGlassCo press - unfortunately it doesn't have pins, so you do need a Cattwalk-style base to use it properly, and it is hard to get hold of; the hearts are small but nicely proportioned.  

I wrote a simple tutorial on how to use this press, and had a version printed in Beads & Beyond magazine, February 2010.  This technique is really the same for all the heart presses.

I definitely recommend the Beadpress Puffy Trio - this is my favourite of all their Puffy shouldered hearts, I think the largest heart of the three is nicely proportioned, the smallest is great for earrings or dangle charms, and together they make a useful addition to your studio.   I like the Cattwalk shape too and  the Beadpress Folk Art Trio.

Spotty heart anyone?! 

(other colours are available, haha!)


  1. I would looooove one red spotty heart !! Toooooo cute !

  2. Thanks for the comment, Sandrine, I can arrange that for you ;0)

  3. Wow, you've been a busy bunny! A Hearty thanks for all that advice. ;o) Mand x

  4. I have the Bavarian Beads "Bavarian Heart S real 3D"
    which is a smaller trio version of their M Real 3D.
    I really like it, and it looks to be a similar shape to your photo of the GoodGlassCo heart. The smallest size is idal for earrings, infact I am wearing them as I speak.
    Thanks for your very informative research, it is hard to choose when you can see the beads that come out of the presses, and your comments and photos are most helpful.

  5. Julie there is no stopping you this is a fantastic resource for all - love itxxx

  6. What a fab read! I have the bavarian one too, I absolutely love the shape, I love how flat but still curvy it is, and how nice it is to use. I also have another but can't remember who it's by.. I'd like a long elongated one now, perhaps asymetrical..

  7. This is fantastic. Thanks for writing this review. It's great to see them all side by side.

  8. Hi,just found your blog, what wonderful heart beads. Just found your lovely blog....will do some reading, your beads are beautiful.
    Keep torching,

  9. Just lovely! I have the Goodglassco heart press and just adore it. I might have to start collecting all the different heart presses, though. They all have their own charm.