Wednesday, 7 July 2010


Okay, okay, its true, I am ... the Tuffnell Glass Secret Tester!

Saying it loud and saying it proud :0)

So, without further ado, let me tell you about some lovely glass that I've been playing with this week.

Sedona 591255 and Striped Pink 591253: When I first opened the package I thought I had been sent two lots of EDP - Sedona and Striped Pink look very similar to each other and to EDP.  After trying them out I did a bit of reading and found similar comments on Lampwork Etc, where I also learnt that apparently Striped Pink is EDP with a Rubino core - whatever it is, I like it a lot!

Both Sedona and Striped Pink devitrify just like EDP, giving a good heat bath at the end does remove most of the devit - but it could be better to embrace the bit of chalkiness!

The Striped Pink is so gorgeously purple, I think it should be renamed immediately (Striped Purple will do!), it reminds me of Zimmerman Purple Rose.  I made simple daisies in Sedona, Striped Pink and EDP to compare them all, and also made simple encased beads in each colour too - which quite clearly shows the different shades (and puts paid to any evil tendencies!)


I like to 'fume' dark ivory with EDP (hold the end of the rod very low in the flame, and the bead above it, let the fumes bathe the bead and the surface will turn matt and devitrify) so I tried it with Sedona and it worked!  By the way, EDP fuming wasn't my idea - I got it from a post by Debra Jennings.   Please only try this if you have really good ventilation.

Both Sedona and Striped Pink work well with silver leaf, fantastic organic reactions.  Oh, and happy bonus, they were both far less shocky than I expected.
Olive Green 591025: I love this colour, although I think its really more of a transparent lime than olive - like green sweets!  Its really fresh and zingy over white, works great with silver wire and accepts dots well, unlike a lot of Effetre greens that tend to swallow other colours.  

Olive makes a nice base for silver glasses.
Butternut 591414: nice autumnal ochre, with a tinge of orange.  Looks great with silvered ivory stringer; I hoped it might react with silver leaf simply melted onto the surface but it didn't really do much (try this with Dark Ivory, roll bead in a scrap of silver leaf then reheat just enough to make the surface 'swim' a little and blur the edges of the silver), still nice though!
Silver Pink 591255: very pale pink when used on its own, turns a lovely pale yellow under silver glasses and makes a great base.  Save it for silver, its too pricey to use on its own ;0)


  1. Thanks for this Julie - I now NEED butternut! Loved the sedona with silver leaf - so off to try this later!

  2. Oh these all love gorgeous, i love the 6th photo down of that gorgeous greeny blue beads, yum yum,

  3. Oh Julie... you are such an inspiration... what fabulous colours and the way you have put them together is stunning! Looks like I might have the possibility of making more beads soon... will keep you posted!
    A mystery commission eh???? Sounds intriguing!

  4. Great blog Julie, I shall look forward to playing with these colours when they arrive later today :-D