Sunday, 20 June 2010

Super Simple One Tool Bracelet Tutorial

Gather the following ingredients:
2. 2mm sterling silver end caps, one eye, one hook
3. A selection of 8mm Greek ceramic washers

Slide the beads onto the leather.

Take them off.

Put them on again.

Keep putting them on and off till you're happy!

Pop an end cap onto one end of the leather.

Use a fine pair of pliers to squish the centre section of the cap onto the leather.  

Don't press too hard!

Put the almost-finished-bracelet on your wrist and check the length.  Cut the leather, add the other end cap, and squish!



  1. Thanks for this - nice tutorial!

  2. Julie...that is stunning and such fun!!! You are so clever... and of course, you are my fav lampwork artist! Hope all is well and you're keeping busy! Lots of love Y xx
    p.s did you catch the beach hut bags and cushions on my blog?... tempt, tempt!

  3. Lovely Julie, where do you get your st. silver end caps from please? I like these ones!!

  4. Sorry all, I only just found your comments. Elaine, they're from Palmer Metals, the link for everything is at the top of the post.

  5. Nice work Julie, and thanks for the link!