Tuesday, 13 April 2010

Its a Small World!

Isn't the internet wonderful?  And isn't Flickr fantastic? I check my Flickr activity every day (often numerous times each day!), its such a great way to keep up with what people are doing, get feedback from your peers and there's so many pretty pictures to look at!

I was browsing around one evening when I came across this necklace by Angie of Weirdly Wired.

I love the simplicity of the shell bead, and how the swirl is off-centre.  I just had to rush out to the Torch Porch and whip out the dark ivory and make a glass version. (I love how it nestles in the copper disc too).

I'm sure many people will understand when I say that its all about the making - once a bead is made, and cooled and cleaned, maybe photographed, certainly stroked and admired for a little while - well, then I'm satisfied.  I don't need to keep it, or do anything with it, I need to pass it on.  So I asked Angie if she'd like it - fortunately she didn't think it odd that a complete stranger from halfway across the world would ask for her address!

Now, I haven't exactly been pacing, I've not been quite that impatient ... but I hadn't forgotten about the little shell-like bead, and I have been .. anticipating .. what would become of it.

Wow, now that's what I call star treatment!

Doesn't it look fantastic?  Gosh I love that clasp.

Angie's wire work is really beautiful, she has great imagination and a very professional touch.  Take a look at the bigger picture of this wonderful necklace and the rest of her photostream here


  1. Gorgeous! Thank you for the link!

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  3. Amazing work! And a fabulous bead!

    I still don't know how you can be parted from your beads Julie (...I know, life gets in the way!)

  4. Thanks for the wonderful post!!! (AND the bead!)

  5. I love this bead julie, and i do love her designs also, as i'm one of friends on flickr also, i love this site as from your point it lets you see all the wonderful pieces that are made using your lush beads,x