Tuesday, 2 April 2013

Colour by Numbers

It's that time of year again, when my glassy friends and I get all giddy and excited, and I get up at stupid o'clock because I've got so much to do (5.30 this morning, unheard of!).  

It's better than Christmas, more exciting than birthdays ... it can only be Flame Off 2013!  I'd describe it as Glastonbury for beadmakers, without the mud!

I will be selling at Flame Off on Friday and Saturday, and also at Silverstone Bead Fair on Sunday (the exhibitor list on that link hasn't been updated for a while), so I've been doing some serious preparation for what feels like months (but is probably only a couple of weeks to be fair, I'm all last minute as usual!).
The Hoops and Loops are counted, bagged and ready to be picked like cherries  by (hopefully) hordes of eager bead and jewellery makers.

I've made lots of new beads, especially these "Colour by Numbers" sets - the same beads in lots of different colourways, I've really enjoyed making them, it's like working to a formula.
I made some new mixed seaside sets in a similar style too, 
and I couldn't resist making one set up into a necklace.

Flame Off is taking place at Silverstone Race Course on Friday and Saturday, 5th and 6th April, followed by the Bead Fair on the 7th, 10am to 3.30pm.  There is an admission fee for both events.

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  1. Those pieces are beautiful, the one with the seaside theme are phenomenal, WOW