Friday, 30 March 2012

Arts Markets!

I've been working hard this month, getting new jewellery ready for a series of Arts Markets I'll be attending this year in Malvern and Hereford (list of dates on my website).

Without actually meaning to, I appear to have come up with a whole new range of jewellery and packaging and I've even made Kits!  I'm very pleased with everything and really looking forward to the first market, which is tomorrow!

Here's a quick pic of the new stock, as you can see, I've made rather a lot!

And the kits - which heavily feature my new Hoops and Loops.

However, I've discovered that I'm not actually Wonder Woman (well, who knew?!) and my planned Listing Day on 1st April is going to be a much quieter affair than the last two months.  Its just not been possible to focus on producing new bead stock with all the excitement of the new jewellery flying around my head.  I promise to try harder next month!

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  1. Ooooo I should be around 9th June, I will come and see you in High Town!! There is one fair in Ross that is very good, my BIL used to do it when he was living there.