Thursday, 18 March 2010

Blogged and Booked!

Busy busy busy ... teaching ... melting ... getting ready for Gem n Bead at Cheltenham Racecourse ... and wallowing in the rosy glow of new friendships, kind words and glassy contentment.

Now if only I had a boxful of beads ready for the fair, life would be almost perfect!

Have a read of this wonderful write up by Yvonne Temple following a 2 day class she had with me last week - smug? moi? come on, who wouldn't feel a tad chuffed after reading that?!

And if that weren't enough, Moo (dot com) have featured me in their Ideas Book!  Move over cat, that cream is all mine :0)

Off to make more of my current obsession - I only have half a rod of this amazing glass left so I'd better make it count ... 

Pioneer Spirit


  1. well done on being featured with Moo, i love their cards,x I'm loving all the new beads.

  2. Oh Julie, everything is well deserved!

    Now about the lack of beads problem....unplug the computer, the phone and lose the mobile. Arm yourself with lots of chocolate (yes, sacrifices have to be made) and lock yourself in your porch area. If you are good, you may be allowed some music. Six days later and there you are...

  3. Sheesh, you're a slave driver, Mary :0)

  4. Great to see you featured with Moo... your beads really do look great on those cards.
    Hope you manage to get ready in time for the Cheltenham bead fair!
    Love Yvonne xx

  5. Thanks Yvonne - enjoy a little peace now your big weekend is over!

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